TINY – 2013 – Inuvialuit legends come to life for these road-trippers.

RELUCTANCE – 2014 – He didn’t want to take that lady, or the one before her.

SPIRITLESS – 2015 – A lonely reindeer herder makes himself a friend.

LUCID – 2016 – A man experiences nightmares of a life he doesn’t have.

BECKON – 2016 – A run in with death causes a friend to flee in terror.

THE MAD TRAPPER – 2016 – They stopped on the wrong riverside beach.

DADDY’s GIRL – 2017 – Even an ancient evil can’t stop a bond between dad and his girl.

WHIMPER – 2018 – Jennifer should have stayed on the trails that day.

RUN AWAY! – 2018 – Paige and Natalie want to play outside. Big mistake.

THE SURPRISE PARTY – 2019 – One horrible accident turns into a comedy of errors.

THE BOTCH – 2020 – Wrestling training takes a bad turn when the new guy messes up.

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