About Dez

11370_10152742861586732_3847980640138973951_nOn the set of ‘Spiritless’

Born in Inuvik NWT in 1983, Dez started his career in entertainment at a young age. As early as grade four, he was writing stories and drawing comics for his friends.

By the time he was in high school, he had already made a few short features with his friends and was in drama class hamming it up daily.

After high school, Dez tried a short stint as an IT trainee, and soon found his place in front of a TV camera for Inuvialuit Communications Society.
After years of producing, editing and hosting episodes of ‘Suaangan’ for APTN, Dez left TV for print media.

In 2005 he was hired by Northern News Services and was given the Inuvik Drum to be lead photographer and reporter for four years. During that time, he won an award for his editorial writing, placing second in a Provincial and third place in a National competition.

He left professional media in 2009, only to return a year later with a short run as TV news reporter for APTN National News. While working there, he wrote and hosted a short video about the Peel Watershed in the Yukon.

Taking another leave from journalism, was when Dez found the time and energy to release a few comedy shorts, which are linked and featured on this website.

Since then, Dez has been working with his friends in Inuvik Comedy, and planning his own projects to secure his spot as the greatest entertainer from the north!

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