The Mad Trapper


The Mad Trapper (2016)

A short film made in Inuvik NWT, follows the story of a couple new to the north. They want to discover more of the land that they now call home. Unfortunately they chose the wrong part of the Mackenzie delta to stop for a break.

The film was fully produced in the NWT by a local crew and shot on location at Glenn Colton’s camp on the east branch of the Mackenzie river. Big thanks to everyone who helped us out and made this a reality!


Trailer ONE for The Mad Trapper


Tom Benke, Kolin Murray, Weronika Murray, Danny Swainson


Dez Loreen, Danny Swainson, Brandon Larocque, Kristian Binder

Special Thanks

Glenn Colton, Kara Beveridge, Henry Beveridge, Brendan Cathers, Caitlin Loreen


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